Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & environmental surroundings Connects People Through a Shared Passion for Clean Living & Compassionate Farming

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The brief Version: With dedication to altering the way folks develop and consume their own meals, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the surroundings is actually an unique put on the shore of Maine. Located on a lot more than 600 miles of preserved landscaping, the middle provides ancient hiking and instructional activities, among other pursuits, that push men and women with each other. “Food is usually a conversation-starter,” mentioned Marissa Mastors, Digital Communications Manager. “quite a few activities function regional food grown in the farm or regional and beverages brewed down the street. Food is usually central for the connections formed right here.” From farm-to-table dinners to farming courses, give consideration to making plans for your after that visit to certainly one of Maine’s most renewable destinations.


Found only five miles from downtown Freeport (home to L.L. Bean’s initial storefront) and on the north coast of gorgeous Casco Bay, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment provides a colorful background that extends back to just after World War II.

Wolfe’s Neck Farm ended up being the production of LMC and Eleanor Houston Smith, summer residents from Philadelphia, whom stumbled on the region right after the battle if the economy was actually faltering and facilities had been going back to woodland. “they certainly were invested in the continuing future of Maine agriculture, the latest concept of natural agriculture, and conservation and conservation of available room,” mentioned Marissa Mastors, the Digital Communications management for the Center.

The Smiths happened to be also advocates of maintaining public use of the sea therefore the preservation of traditional structures and sites. Inside the 1950s, the happy couple began an organic meat farm and began creating several 19th-century farmsteads, that will be in which Wolfe’s Neck Center consistently function.

In 1997, the farm became a community nonprofit and, in 2017, changed the name to Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the environmental surroundings. Title, Marissa said, reflects the business’s new goal to change the relationship folks have with agriculture and meals for a wholesome planet.

Wolfe’s Neck Center pulls upon a wealthy history of advancement and experimentation to keep its history. Through auto-generating agriculture, innovative land wellness study, and visitor communications, the land has grown to be used as an educational resource to generate a more healthful environment for every.

Events & Workshops generate Memories to endure a Lifetime

Wolfe’s Neck Center hosts thousands of people annually with unique events and courses, from farm-to-table events featuring neighborhood cooks and meals from the peak of these period to practical society products giving visitors a deeper feeling of the organization’s mission.

“Our annual Spring Festival is a party from the season and delivers around 2,000 local hookupss to the farm for designs, local food suppliers, songs, courses, and a lot more,” Marissa explained. “After that all of our Harvest dancing is actually an annual dancing held in the historic Mallet Barn and is our best events, with around 500 guests contra dancing to call home songs.”

Several educational workshops also assist folks get together. The Backyard Gardener Workshop Series is designed for small-scale growers selecting techniques for their residence garden — and the Dig better Series focuses primarily on renewable farming, meals, dairy-farming, and climate modification.

“as soon as you satisfy someone at one of the activities, you realize they certainly love their own wellness, the health of the planet, in addition to wellness of their area,” mentioned Marissa. “the individuals whom arrive at all of our activities are passionate about teaching generations to come regarding what they eat and exactly how really developed.”

Oceanfront Outdoor camping has actually managed enchanting Getaways for 50+ Years

An award-winning campsite positioned on 626 acres and four miles of oceanfront, Wolfe’s Neck Center has-been the environment of passionate getaways for longer than five years. The campground, which embraces visitors from all over worldwide, characteristics 130 pet-friendly campsites contains tents-only locations, electric/water web sites, and three waterfront compartments.

“The landscape of Wolfe’s Neck is actually breathtaking, ignoring the small isles that dot Casco Bay,” Marissa mentioned. “there’s really no better method to get at understand someone than by taking a walk from the drinking water, through forests on our walking trails, or investing a weekend unplugged at the campsite.”

Be it going to the organic home gardens or catching a bite in the Farm Café, campers will not ever lack tactics to connect with both. Site visitors can hire bicycles might through Oct and enjoy the tranquil nation streets and scenic vistas. There are additionally kayak and canoe accommodations to understand more about the relaxed seas of Casco Bay, such as Googins Island, a protected osprey habitat.

“We give folks the ability to connect with the landscaping with one another,” stated Marissa. “we have been delivering lovers collectively for quite some time.”

Understand Farming at Camps, products & Apprenticeships

Whether website visitors tend to be 3 or 103, Wolfe’s Neck Center brings them with each other to understand the ins and outs of farming through beneficial and entertaining camps, programs, and apprenticeships. Have a look at corporation’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) system — a 60-member system that gives residents with weekly vegetables bins for 17 months. Plus, it is all gathered right from the Center’s organic farm.

The weeklong Farm Camp Sessions and herbal Dairy Apprenticeships is where members discover practical about lasting farming and ecology while looking after livestock, searching into the gardens, and producing brand new friends.

“be it speaking with our producers, emailing a next-door neighbor, or revealing an ice cream, food is constantly main to contacts created here.” — Marissa Mastors, Digital Communications Manager for Wolfe’s Neck Center

Nationwide, the common period of milk farmers is actually approaching 60, plus the few facilities creating whole milk is actually decline. This first-of-its sort program permits apprentices to learn practical in all aspects of qualified organic milk process through a two-year domestic apprenticeship plan for brand new and transitioning industrial natural dairy growers.

More compact products consist of Farm Explorers, Farmer when it comes down to Morning, Goat Hike, and Afternoon Milking.

“should it be conversing with our growers who expanded the meals in your CSA container, emailing a next-door neighbor at Farm shop, or revealing a frozen dessert in the Farm Café, food is usually central to associations created here,” mentioned Marissa.

The next Bright in Sustainable Agricultural & Farm-Based Education

With over 200,000 residents and something in four children not sure of where their unique subsequent meal can come from, Maine is the most food-insecure condition in brand new England, per Wolfe’s Neck Center’s internet site. As a result of funding from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation’s healthy food choices Fund, the business might concentrating on producing techniques for year-round agriculture to aid offset the importance of fresh produce during the winter.

Wolfe’s Neck Center strives to play the leading character in creating the ongoing future of lasting farming by teaching new producers, inspiring individuals make aware food alternatives, and facilitating farm-based training and analysis. The team thinks agriculture might and must play a part in mitigating environment change and this Wolfe’s Neck Center is uniquely located getting a leader in this effort.

Marissa explained that, with just as much as 15percent of greenhouse fuel pollutants at this time via farming activity, environmentalists and producers must find ways to reduce and offset this by collecting carbon dioxide during the earth.

Wolfe’s Neck is devoted to discovering approaches to this problem through regenerative farming: the utilization of farming and grazing methods that rebuild organic matter and restore degraded land. On a sizable scale, this may reverse the effects of climate change by taking extra carbon out of the environment and storing it in the earth.

From oceanfront camping to hands-on workshops, annual occasions and the next bright in lasting farming and farm-based training — Wolfe’s Neck Center is a multi-faceted unique England destination best for connecting with others who care significantly in regards to clean living and caring farming.

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