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MangoTru Limited is an Engineering, Procurement, Consultancy and Security Solution Provider Company. Eventually MangoTru Limited started diversifying in other sectors related to engineering projects in various departments and thus MAMA Corporation and Trust Corporation were formed. With a pool of talents providing the source of innovation to create value to the clients and the future of the employees, MangoTru Limited strives to be a model leader among its peers.

Cyber Threat Detection:

We provide Cyber Threat Detection Solution. We have already worked with Department of Telecommunication of Bangladesh. Lots of Organizations face a growing volume and sophistication of cyber threats. Security teams often suffer from alert fatigue and when combined with the talent gap, are increasingly turning to MDR for providers to keep their assets safe.

Cyber Surveillance and Active Monitoring System

Capacity Building for Bangladesh in Cyber Surveillance and Active Monitoring System: MangoTru is a mediator company. It is the bridging partner between the supplier and order placing companies or entities. MangoTru facilitates the assessment, negotiation, agreement and execution with effectiveness and efficiency.

The Scope of Business:  IT Hardware and Software Solutions, Communication Equipment and Solutions, Digitalizing the Border Surveillance and Monitoring System, Enhancement of Border Security Management.

Industrial Consultancy Service

We provide Technical service level Consultancy in RMG & Tannery sector to just name a few. We have some ongoing projects in China and Nigeria advising for the above matter.

Scope of work: Feasibility study, Design layout, Details design BOQ, Preliminary quotation (architectural, civil, electrical and mechanical), Final approval with supervision and management.

New Start Up Solon Disinfectant Spray

Solon: Disinfectant: – We have supplied “Solon Disinfectant spray” This product can kill Covid -19, Pyogenic cocci, Intestinal pathogens, Nosocomial bacteria, Bacteria in the air, Bacterial spores and viruses.

Scope of application: Air Disinfection, Sterilization and Deodorization, Surface Disinfection, Skin Disinfection, Suitable for pregnant and infant, Oral non-toxic, and suitable for fruit, vegetable and perishable items.

About Us

MangoTru Limited is a Consulting Design and Project Management Company which has evolved from the years of experience in Trading and Manufacturing of Apparel back from 1986.

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